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Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig

Sticky Balsamic

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Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig is Sticky Balsamic’s most awarded variety, and for good reason!

This glorious fig balsamic glaze is handcrafted with Australian-made vinegar and made with real figs. You might find some of those delicious, crunchy fig seeds in your bottle which provide an incredible pleasing texture. Carefully created in small batches to ensure premium quality, Sticky Balsamic Fig is the perfect fruit infused balsamic vinegar for your pantry.

Use Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig with desserts, fruit, cheese, meat and salad.

Desserts - Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig is perfect to use with all kinds of desserts… from pavlovas to cakes and brownies, ice cream and many other uses. Drizzle a little of this glorious fig balsamic glaze over for an incredible taste sensation.

Fruit - Use this luxurious fig caramelised balsamic vinegar over a fruit salad for a spectacular taste. Also try your favourite fruits simply dipped in to a bowl of Sticky Balsamic Fig. It’s a snack you’ll adore.

Cheese - Drizzle a little of this fig balsamic glaze over your cured meat or a wheel of cheese prior to serving. Alternatively, have a bowl filled with this caramelised fig balsamic with a spoon and top your tower of deliciousness with it, just prior to eating.

Meat - Drizzle a little of this most awarded fig balsamic vinegar over red meat (lamb and fig are best friends, of course) just prior to serving. Why not add some to the rest of the plate to tie it all together beautifully! Or baste with Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig while cooking your red meat. Delicious.

Salad - This fig caramelised balsamic vinegar is perfect to use with all types of salads, and we especially love it with salads with rocket. Drizzle a little over prior to serving for that beautiful figgy, vinegar taste you love. Add some olive oil if you wish but it is also perfect on its own.

Other Suggestions - use with a gourmet pizza, just drizzle some over just prior to serving. Also try it as a cheeky addition to a cocktail.

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