World Cheese Christmas Pack
World Cheese Christmas Pack
World Cheese Christmas Pack
World Cheese Christmas Pack
World Cheese Christmas Pack
World Cheese Christmas Pack
World Cheese Christmas Pack
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World Cheese Christmas Pack

Cheese Therapy

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This Christmas, the best gift is something that is bound to put a big smile on anyone's face - CHEESE! Gifting the Globetrotter Pack means not only will the recipient get some indulgent cheese, but also the opportunity to travel with their cheesebuds around the world! This is the perfect gift for any travel and cheese enthusiast, or really - the perfect gift for anyone! 

In this pack you will get*:

  • Barely Buzzed, Beehive Cheese Co., USA Cow's Milk
  • Saint Angel,  Fromagerie Guilloteau, France Cow's Milk
  • Grotto, Apostle Whey, Australia Cow's Milk
  • Roquefort, Papillon, FranceSheep's Milk
  • Tasting & Pairing Notes
  • Christmas card

Further Details...

What are the cheeses?
Our cheesemongers have been foraging around the world with the mission to find the perfect four cheeses to gift this Christmas. The result? Four cheeses that will blow anyone away, we can promise that whoever won't be gifted this cheese pack will be jealous of those who do! Check out the cheeses below*.

HARD - Barely Buzzed, Beehive Cheese Co.  | USA 
Barely Buzzed cheese is a delightfully surprising cheese that is literally coated in roasted coffee, ground together with French lavender buds. This unique mixture is diluted with oil and lasciviously rubbed into the day old wheels of cheese before being allowed to mature. Interestingly enough this combination of ingredients does not deliver significant coffee or lavender flavours, but instead imparts delicious earthy butterscotch/caramel notes into the heart of the cheese.

SOFT - Saint Angel, Fromagerie Guilloteau | France 
Guilloteau Fromagerie’s famous brand of d’Affinois is known across the world as the go to cheese for pretty much anyone wanting silky creamy goodness. Saint Angel is created in the same way as d’Affinois except this cheese has extra cream added to make this a triple cream version. To be honest, there isn’t much separating this from butter. The velvety covering of fine white mould, soft luscious texture and satiny-buttery mouth feel give you the feeling that this is the cheese they eat in heaven.

STINKY - Grotto, Apostle Whey | Australia 
Grotto starts off as a camembert but is washed daily in a secret recipe brine! That is how the colour develops, a beautiful orange tone! Being a stinky cheese it has the characteristic smell, but don’t be scared, as the saying goes ‘the stinkier, the better’!

BLUE - Roquefort, Papillon | France 
The sweet and salty flavours surround the rich textures as you fall in love with wonder. This “Emblem” of French gastronomy is only rivalled by champagne. Not often do we get the chance in Australia to taste raw milk cheese. As Will Studd once said, “tasting a raw milk cheese is like discovering colour television for the first time after years of black and white”.

* Cheeses may change without notice if they become unavailable. In this case, we will substitute with another great cheese. 

Blessed are the cheesemakers.


It's about what you add to it...

Add on The Grazing Box to create the ultimate cheese board with these essentials. It's got sourdough lavosh crackers, marinated baby figs, pastes and chocolate. Oh yes!


Our Perfect Paired wine packs! This monthly offering has been chosen to pair perfectly with this pack. Choose from our Perfect Pair Wine Pack or our very special Rhodium Edition. 


When will you receive the Christmas Pack?
All the Christmas Packs will be delivered in time for Christmas Australia wide. You also have the great option to send this gift straight to the recipient, making Christmas gift shopping even easier this year! 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sarah (Sydney, AU)
Great assortment of delicious cheese!

Beautiful assortment of cheeses. Very pleased! Made a lovely Christmas present

Nola (Brisbane, AU)
4 new cheeses to love

The December cheeses were unique and wonderful. Particularly enjoyed the Langres on NYE with champagne as suggested.

Cees Betlem (North Coogee, AU)
First box from Cheese therapy

Dear Cheese Therapy reps,

I had one afternoon nipping on a beautiful Pinot noir with your cheese package. Both the germain and the Le Conquerant were my, and my daughters, favourites. Absolutely brilliant!

The sapphire blue didn’t look that well in the package. Being fully sealed in plastic I was already a bit worried about this one. But I thought it might pick up on opening it to the atmosphere. And it did turn from a somewhat brownish watery mess and picked up blue to dark blue colours, but it didn’t completely recover and ended up throwing half of it away ( although blue cheese is one of my favourites, next time better)

The cheddar was lovely, and although also fully plastic sealed.

Overall a great experience.

Cees Betlem

Natasha Stickland (Perth, AU)

The blue cheese in my selection was off. It smelt when I received it (but I just thought it is blue cheese) but when I got it out on Xmas day from the fridge to bring to room temperature, the packaging with this cheese blew up so I thought best to through it out. Apart from that everything else was AMAZING!! There was a German gooee yellow cheese that was out of this world. Am really thinking of signing up to the monthly cheese club. Thank you. Made part of our Xmas. 😊

LJM (Brisbane, AU)

All cheeses and condiments were of high quality - thank you.

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